Do not give up on your New Years Resolutions just yet. I Believe in YOU

This video was not my first idea for a video in fact I filmed it on my 11th attempt in one straight shot this morning as I was sitting here looking around to see what ideas I should incorporate in the weeks and months to follow. What I saw was a pattern emerging on social media. I saw so much enthusiasm in the first few days followed by so much frustration and negativity only one short week later… I don’t care if this is random or different video than anyone is used to from me, I simply hope it gives at least ONE of you hope and encouragement to never give up on your goals, dreams or journey. Nothing in life worth anything at all will ever be easy. It must be hard so that it can be equally appreciated, gratifying, and earned. Cheers to you all and I wish you all a prosperous and lucrative 2018. See ya around soon!

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