What is it like to go on a car rally???

I always wondered what it would be like to go on a road rally with other exotic cars and travel all over together so we did exactly that. This was an absolute blast. This video is long but fun as we teamed up with the charitable Cars4Kids foundation road rally 2018. It was a four day cruise covering three states and over 1,500 miles. There was over 300 videos worth of footage that we took along the way and had to compile from and this is obviously only our footage so it is biased towards the Mclaren 675LT as well as Candice and I’s personal experience along the way. This was SO MUCH FUN and I highly recommend that if given the opportunity, you guys jump on it yourselves.

(Note: some of the high speed footage captured was on a closed and controlled road course and is NOT recommend/encouraged to try yourself without proper experience, equipment, emergency crews, permission, safety personnel etc.) PLEASE obey ALL traffic laws and posted speed limits when you are out on local roads and highways!!!

Finally a huge shout out to Luxe Auto Spa for putting on this event and allowing us to be a part of the special cause and memories associated with it. Can’t wait for next year!

For anyone wanting more information on this amazing cause/organization you can check them out here: http://c4kdrive.org

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