You Asked For My Life Story Here It Is. Chris Collins, Broke To Millionaire

This video is three separate 10 minute videos put together from my personal youtube page. It is not going to tell you what job you need to do, what degree you need to earn, where you need to live and how many hours you need to work to be a millionaire. It will however show you that life can suck pretty bad along the way but if you want success bad enough you will be staring difficult choices in the face almost daily and if you stick it out it will pay off HUGE. It will show you I am just a regular dude that has been thru a lot of shit. It may actually help a lot of you who think that money comes from sitting back and waiting or those who think it is easy. But none the less thousands of you now have asked for this so after about 100 hours of filming and editing my life journey here you go. Thank you all for the support I GUARANTEE WE ARE ABOUT TO BRING SOMETHING AMAZING TO THIS CHANNEL BEFORE LONG. Enjoy!

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